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Shanghai Qingpu Zhenxin shock absorber plant is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of all kinds of shock absorbers


Company strength
  • We should devote ourselves to the design and manufacture of various damping spring dampers, spring hanger dampers, rubber hanger dampers, low-frequency composite rubber dampers, rubber dampers, rubber shear isolators, flexible rubber soft joints, and damping pedestals.
  • Since its inception, our company has constantly innovating and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad.
  • Cooperate with customers to design high-quality non-standard automation equipment, to provide customers with a complete set of non-standard automation equipment solutions.


Quality control
  • With an experienced R&D team and a number of outstanding production and manufacturing personnel, with excellent technology, high quality, intimate service has won the support and trust of customers.
  • The company has a number of senior institutional design engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical and electrical automation engineers, software development engineers, etc.
  • The process is an organic whole, interlocking, and improving the solution of the avenue.


Direct deal
  • Factory direct sales, first hand source, the 0 link in the middle
  • The new product has plenty of inventory to meet your different needs.
  • Shock is a powerful manufacturer of shock absorbers, with sufficient supply and punctual delivery.


After-sale service
  • Perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service system, Fu sharp with professional after-sales service team.
  • 24 hours online communication service, so that you can solve problems anytime and anywhere.


Shanghai qingpu zhenxin shock absorber factory is located in shangpu town, near to G50, huning expressway and 318 national highway.

Factory is mainly engaged in all kinds of damping spring shock absorber, spring hanger, shock absorber, rubber suspension shock absorber, low-frequency compound rubber shock absorber, rubber shock absorber, rubber shear vibration isolator, in a flexible soft rubber joints, reducing vibration of the pedestal design and manufacturing, products are widely used in all kinds of horizontal, vertical water pump, fan, cold water machine Lord, heat pump units, diesel generator, generator set, compressor, punching machine, power based vibration test-bed, anechoic chamber, etc and all kinds of fan coil units, vav boxes, axial flow fan, duct, pipe lifting vibration, etc.




Shanghai qingpu zhenxin shock absorber factory

Factory address: No. 225, Shang Ting Bei Road, Jinze Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai (opposite to Shang Ting police station) 
Sales line: 021-59282718 13564545109 (WeChat number) Mr. Yao QQ:1254960147
021-59282356 18964849667 (WeChat number), Miss Ho, QQ:821413512
Free service hotline: 4006-369-021
Technical support: 18602103827 (can provide scheme design, product selection, non-standard design, project budget, etc.) < br /> After sale service: 021-59282355 15900757036 (WeChat number) Mr. Feng QQ:961367473
Fax: 021-59283112




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